Fun Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys

All the best gifts for 10 year old boys, from the latest electronics to timeless hands-on building activities to toys that get them outside and moving.

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KEVA Building Planks

No batteries or chargers required for this simple toy that engages your child’s imagination for hours to come. From complex castles and bridge to competing to build the tallest tower, there are endless possibilities with KEVA building planks.

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CUE Coding Robot for Kids 10+

The newest CUE Coding Robot is designed for older kids aged 10 and older. Your kid will learn real coding skills by programming the robot to complete tasks and have fun interacting with their new robotic pet.

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Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000

Forget flimsy foam arrows, the next generation of Nerf guns use firm foam balls that shoot farther and with more precision. Your kids – boys and girls – will enjoy dueling team colored guns.

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Kindle Tablet Kids Edition

At this age your kid probably want their own device but isn’t quite old enough for a smart phone. The Kid’s Edition of the Kindle is an excellent compromise, with pre-selected age-appropriate apps and content, a kid-safe filtered internet browser, and a drop-proof padded case – all at the fraction of cost of a typical smart phone or iPad.

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Minecraft Enchanted Bow & Arrow Playset

Take your kids away from their screens by moving the fun of Minecraft offline with toys like the Enchanted Bow & Arrow or Foam Diamond Sword.

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Build & Paint Cars Kit

What’s better than a race car? Making one yourself! With the Made By Me kit your kid can build three cars and paint them their own designs.

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Mini Drone for Kids

Remote control cars are so 20th century. Step up your toy game with a drone designed just for kids. This mini drone is remote controlled and easy for beginners to fly, without the cost of a full-size drone.

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